Anna Kozar-Poikonen | Artist Portfolio

Angels can fly because they are light-hearted


Lohja, Finland
Summer 2017
"Lohjansaari" - Lakeside landscape paintings displayed at Mattilan luomutila
Lohja, Finland
July 2016
"Kesäkino" - Handicraft and art exhibition presented at Tuulentupa - the handicraftists' society gallery in Lohja region.
Lohja, Finland
Summer 2015
"Lohjanjärvi" - Lakeside landscape paintings displayed at the idyllic apple winery Alitalon viinitila in Lohjansaari
Turku, Finland
July 2015
"At the Medieval Market" - An Art Exhibition at the gallery room of Brinkkalan Outolintu in historical Turku center.
Lohja, Finland
March 2015
"Easter in the Castle" - Handicraft and art exhibition with a historical theme (Tuulentupa gallery)
Karjalohja and Lohja, Finland
Summer 2015
"Neiti Kevät" - A shared exhibition at the Art Attic of the local library and the main library gallery
Lohja, Finland
September 2014
"Landscapes by Crochet Hook pt 2" - Mixed technique landscape paintings with a twist. Presented at Tuulentupa - the handicraftists' society gallery in Lohja region.
Helsinki, Finland
May 2014
"Landscapes by Crochet Hook pt 1" - Mixed technique landscape paintings. Presented to the public for the first time, at H.E. Polish Ambassador's residence during the Polish Day of Constitution celebrations.
Lohja, Finland
September 2013
"Autumn Kitchen" - An art and handicraft exhibition with harvest theme (Tuulentupa gallery)
Lohja, Finland
September 2012
"Autumn Revue" - An art and handicraft pieces exhibited to celebrate autumn (Tuulentupa gallery)
Espoo, Finland
December 2008
"Tähti" - a shared christmas art & craft exhibition Espoon Lahjatupa
Lublin, Poland
7-8 June 2008
The Night of Art in Lublin Old Town
The Tarot Girls presented as a part of a shared multimedia art exhibition
Helsinki, Finland
9 May 2008
Järvenpää, Finland
17 May 2008
A theatrical play by The International Amateur Theatre Group at Caisa
Stage settings, costumes and poster artwork by Anna Kozar-Poikonen.
Helsinki, Finland
14 February 2008
Valentine's Day's art exhibition and concert.
Inauguration of the Thursday Concert Series
at the Polish Ambassador's residence.
Helsinki, Finland
A shared exhibition in Oluthuone Poirotti (Kallio). Celebrating the first 3 years of Poirotti!
Helsinki, Finland
February - March 2007
An exhibition in Oluthuone Poirotti (Eira).
Helsinki, Finland
February 2007
The Tarot Girls
An exhibition in Galleria Plataani
Uudenmaankatu 15, Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
2005 - 2006
An exhibition in Pikku-Vallila
Helsinki, Finland
06 - 28 May 2005
An art exhibition in Oluthuone Poirotti (Toinen linja 15, Helsinki).
Lohja, Finland
Spring 2004
A series of exhibitions in libraries in Lohja.
Jan 26 2004 - Feb 07 2004 Lohja Main Library:
"Three in One"
Jan 08 2004 - Jan 23 2004 Ojamo Library:
"How to Lick Behind the Glass"
Dec 10 2003 - Jan 08 2004 Virkkala Library:
"Domestic Objects"
Lohja, Finland
April 2003
The second exhibition of the "Distance" series.
Tallinn, Estonia
Spring 2003
The first exhibition of the "Distance" series.