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Angels can fly because they are light-hearted

Artist Info - Anna Kozar-Poikonen

I graduated as Master of Fine Arts at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland) in 2002. For my diploma work I did research on a subject connected to the forms surrounding us. They have so strong influence on our mood and behaviour. The title of my work is: "How the form and content of cartoons influence children's aggressive behaviour in nursery age".

I currently live and work as a free artist in Lohja, Finland. I paint projects ordered by private clients, as well as my own ideas - everything that inspires me. That's how the works that you can see at exhibitions and my gallery are born. My works have been displayed at private exhibitions and galleries in Finland, Poland and Estonia. I have also given guest lectures about european art and design at Tallinn Pedagogical University. My works are currently situated in private collections in Poland, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Italy, England, Japan, and USA.